[2005.07885] Electric-field induced strange metal states and possible high-temperature superconductivity in hydrogenated graphitic fibersopen searchopen navigation menucontact arXivarXiv Twitter

In this work, we have studied the effects from increasing the strength of the applied electric field on the charge transport of hydrogenated graphitic fibers. Resistivity measurements were carried out for direct currents in the nA - mA range and for temperatures from 1.9 K to 300 K. The high-temperature non-ohmic voltage-current dependence is well described by the nonlinear random resistor network model applied to systems that are disordered at all scales. The temperature-dependent resistivity shows linear, step-like transitions from insulating to metallic states as well as plateau features. As more current is being sourced, the fiber becomes more conductive and thus the current density goes up. The most interesting features is observed in high electric fields. As the fiber is cooled, the resistivity first decreases linearly with the temperature and then enters a plateau region at a temperature T ? 260 ? 280 K that is field-independent. These observations on a system made out of carbon

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Date: 2020/05/19 02:21

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