[2005.08418] Hardware implementation of Bayesian network building blocks with stochastic spintronic devicesopen searchopen navigation menucontact arXivarXiv Twitter

Bayesian networks are powerful statistical models to understand causal relationships in real-world probabilistic problems such as diagnosis, forecasting, computer vision, etc. For systems that involve complex causal dependencies among many variables, the complexity of the associated Bayesian networks become computationally intractable. As a result, direct hardware implementation of these networks is one promising approach to reducing power consumption and execution time. However, the few hardware implementations of Bayesian networks presented in literature rely on deterministic CMOS devices that are not efficient in representing the inherently stochastic variables in a Bayesian network. This work presents an experimental demonstration of a Bayesian network building block implemented with naturally stochastic spintronic devices. These devices are based on nanomagnets with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, initialized to their hard axes by the spin orbit torque from a heavy metal under-

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Keywords: bayesian
Date: 2020/05/19 03:51

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