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Human speakers have an extensive toolkit of ways to express themselves. In this paper, we engage with an idea largely absent from discussions of meaning in natural language understanding--namely, that the way something is expressed reflects different ways of conceptualizing or construing the information being conveyed. We first define this phenomenon more precisely, drawing on considerable prior work in theoretical cognitive semantics and psycholinguistics. We then survey some dimensions of construed meaning and show how insights from construal could inform theoretical and practical work in NLP.

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Keywords: nlp
Date: 2020/05/21 14:21

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@TorrentTiago Our paper (Re)construing meaning in NLP, which has been accepted to the @aclmeeting special theme session Taking Stock of Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going, is now up on arXiv: t.co/a9aDZgXUTz Comments are more than welcome!

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