Uploading & Updating Datasets with the Kaggle API

Ensure you have Python 3 and the package manager pip installed. To install the API, run the following command in the shell: You can check out the API documentation if you're interested in more details or learning about the functionality of the API besides uploading and updating datasets. In order to use the API, you will also need to have an API key associated with your Kaggle account stored locally. First, make sure you have an active Kaggle account. Go to Kaggle and click on the blue "Sign

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Date: 2020/05/23 12:52

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@sinchir0 API使ったKaggle Datasetのuploadの方法 t.co/xcfHIzUNaH ローカル経由でやろうとして「重すぎて無理やん・・」ってなってたから良かった

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