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Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) is an efficient Bayesian sampling method that can make distant proposals in the parameter space by simulating a Hamiltonian dynamical system. Despite its popularity in machine learning and data science, HMC is inefficient to sample from spiky and multimodal distributions. Motivated by the energy-time uncertainty relation from quantum mechanics, we propose a Quantum-Inspired Hamiltonian Monte Carlo algorithm (QHMC). This algorithm allows a particle to have a random mass with a probability distribution rather than a fixed mass. We prove the convergence property of QHMC in the spatial domain and in the time sequence. We further show why such a random mass can improve the performance when we sample a broad class of distributions. In order to handle the big training data sets in large-scale machine learning, we develop a stochastic gradient version of QHMC using Nosé-Hoover thermostat called QSGNHT, and we also provide theoretical justifications about its stead

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Keywords: bayesian
Date: 2020/06/29 02:21

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