Expert programmers have fine-tuned cortical representations of source code | bioRxiv

Expert programmers have fine-tuned cortical representations of source code | bioRxiv

Expertise enables humans to achieve outstanding performance on domain-specific tasks, and programming is no exception. Many have shown that expert programmers exhibit remarkable differences from novices in behavioral performance, knowledge structure, and selective attention. However, the underlying differences in the brain are still unclear. We here address this issue by associating the cortical representation of source code with individual programming expertise using a data-driven decoding approach. This approach enabled us to identify seven brain regions, widely distributed in the frontal, parietal, and temporal cortices, that have a tight relationship with programming expertise. In these brain regions, functional categories of source code could be decoded from brain activity and the decoding accuracies were significantly correlated with individual behavioral performances on source-code categorization. Our results suggest that programming expertise is built up on fine-tuned cortical

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Date: 2020/07/06 03:51

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@hiromu1996 AOJにあるソースコードを見せて、10秒で二分探索とかMathとかカテゴリを分類してもらうというタスクをさせながらfMRIで脳活動を計測したところ、AtCoderのレートが高い人ほど反応が強く、カテゴリごとに反応領域が分かれているのも観測されたらしい

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