[2007.15293] A Heterogeneous Information Network based Cross Domain Insurance Recommendation System for Cold Start Usersopen searchopen navigation menucontact arXivsubscribe to arXiv mailings

Internet is changing the world, adapting to the trend of internet sales will bring revenue to traditional insurance companies. Online insurance is still in its early stages of development, where cold start problem (prospective customer) is one of the greatest challenges. In traditional e-commerce field, several cross-domain recommendation (CDR) methods have been studied to infer preferences of cold start users based on their preferences in other domains. However, these CDR methods could not be applied to insurance domain directly due to the domain specific properties. In this paper, we propose a novel framework called a Heterogeneous information network based Cross Domain Insurance Recommendation (HCDIR) system for cold start users. Specifically, we first try to learn more effective user and item latent features in both source and target domains. In source domain, we employ gated recurrent unit (GRU) to module user dynamic interests. In target domain, given the complexity of insurance

Date: 2020/08/03 02:21

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