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The current state-of-the-art object recognition algorithms, deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs), are inspired by the architecture of the mammalian visual system, and are capable of human-level performance on many tasks. However, even these algorithms make errors. As they are trained for object recognition tasks, it has been shown that DCNNs develop hidden representations that resemble those observed in the mammalian visual system. Moreover, DCNNs trained on object recognition tasks are currently among the best models we have of the mammalian visual system. This led us to hypothesize that teaching DCNNs to achieve even more brain-like representations could improve their performance. To test this, we trained DCNNs on a composite task, wherein networks were trained to: a) classify images of objects; while b) having intermediate representations that resemble those observed in neural recordings from monkey visual cortex. Compared with DCNNs trained purely for object categorization, D

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Date: 2020/08/11 02:21

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@hardmaru Apparently this article is behind a paywall (preprint: t.co/01qCUmhllG). For some reason, I can access it through a VPN connected from some random country. Here is a link to the PDF that should work: t.co/RSRQYMl1hb

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