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Psychosocial constructs can only be assessed indirectly, and measures are typically formed by a combination of indicators that are thought to relate to the construct. Reflective and formative measurement models offer different conceptualizations of the relation between the indicators and what is often a univariate latent variable supposed to correspond in some way to the construct. In this paper, a causal interpretation is proposed of associations between constructed measures and various outcomes that is applicable to both reflective and formative models and is moreover applicable even if the usual assumptions of these models are violated such that the indicators have causal efficacy, rather than the supposed underlying latent. The interpretative approach is illustrated using associations between measures of social integration and cardiovascular disease incidence, concerning which neither the formative nor the reflective models seem adequate. It is argued that formative models misconst

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Date: 2020/09/12 21:52

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@koro485 既存のアイデアを新しい切り口で整理&新しいアイデアを加えている論文で、読んだ後に思考のレベルが一段階上がるようなのはこれまで数えるほどしかないけど、これは確実にそのうちの一本として個人的殿堂入り。 心理・社会的な概念の測定を根本から問い直している。 t.co/DaoqudjRl1

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