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Retrieval networks are essential for searching and indexing. Compared to classification networks, attention visualization for retrieval networks is hardly studied. We formulate attention visualization as a constrained optimization problem. We leverage the unit L2-Norm constraint as an attention filter (L2-CAF) to localize attention in both classification and retrieval networks. Unlike recent literature, our approach requires neither architectural changes nor fine-tuning. Thus, a pre-trained network's performance is never undermined L2-CAF is quantitatively evaluated using weakly supervised object localization. State-of-the-art results are achieved on classification networks. For retrieval networks, significant improvement margins are achieved over a Grad-CAM baseline. Qualitative evaluation demonstrates how the L2-CAF visualizes attention per frame for a recurrent retrieval network. Further ablation studies highlight the computational cost of our approach and compare L2-CAF with othe

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Date: 2020/09/14 11:22

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@AkiraTOSEI t.co/csAemzB6aL Attentionベースの根拠可視化手法L2-CAFを提案。特徴量マップから検出のクラス以外のものを排除するフィルターを通すことで可視化する。Softmax出力から信号を得と単一モードの信号しか得られないが、複数モードを扱えるから有利とのこと。 t.co/ltSoFSt1BB
@AkiraTOSEI t.co/csAemzB6aL They proposed an Attention-based evidence visualization method, L2-CAF. The method is based on a filter that eliminates all features other than the target class from the feature map, and it has the advantage of being able to handle multiple modes. t.co/Y2E5grCfhu

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