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We present Neural A*, a novel data-driven search algorithm for path planning problems. Although data-driven planning has received much attention in recent years, little work has focused on how search-based methods can learn from demonstrations to plan better. In this work, we reformulate a canonical A* search algorithm to be differentiable and couple it with a convolutional encoder to form an end-to-end trainable neural network planner. Neural A* solves a path planning problem by (1) encoding a visual representation of the problem to estimate a movement cost map and (2) performing the A* search on the cost map to output a solution path. By minimizing the difference between the search results and ground-truth paths in demonstrations, the encoder learns to capture a variety of visual planning cues in input images, such as shapes of dead-end obstacles, bypasses, and shortcuts, which makes estimated cost maps informative. Our extensive experiments confirmed that Neural A* (a) outperformed

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Date: 2020/09/17 02:21

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@RYonetani arXivに新しい論文をアップロードしました: "Path Planning using Neural A* Search" t.co/4e0Sxvtfrn 米谷・谷合・西村(オムロンサイニックエックス)、Amin(インターン)、技術アドバイザの金崎先生(東工大)による研究で、微分可能なA*探索による経路計画の話です。

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