[1202.2158] The Impact of Visual Appearance on User Response in Online Display Advertisingopen searchopen navigation menucontact arXivsubscribe to arXiv mailings

Display advertising has been a significant source of revenue for publishers and ad networks in online advertising ecosystem. One of the main goals in display advertising is to maximize user response rate for advertising campaigns, such as click through rates (CTR) or conversion rates. Although in the online advertising industry we believe that the visual appearance of ads (creatives) matters for propensity of user response, there is no published work so far to address this topic via a systematic data-driven approach. In this paper we quantitatively study the relationship between the visual appearance and performance of creatives using large scale data in the world's largest display ads exchange system, RightMedia. We designed a set of 43 visual features, some of which are novel and some are inspired by related work. We extracted these features from real creatives served on RightMedia. We also designed and conducted a series of experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of visual feature

Date: 2020/10/14 06:53

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