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We introduce a new class of time-continuous recurrent neural network models. Instead of declaring a learning system's dynamics by implicit nonlinearities, we construct networks of linear first-order dynamical systems modulated via nonlinear interlinked gates. The resulting models represent dynamical systems with varying (i.e., \emph{liquid}) time-constants coupled to their hidden state, with outputs being computed by numerical differential equation solvers. These neural networks exhibit stable and bounded behavior, yield superior expressivity within the family of neural ordinary differential equations, and give rise to improved performance on time-series prediction tasks. To demonstrate these properties, we first take a theoretical approach to find bounds over their dynamics, and compute their expressive power by the \emph{trajectory length} measure in a latent trajectory space. We then conduct a series of time-series prediction experiments to manifest the approximation capability of L

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Date: 2020/10/14 17:22

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@ankurhandos “Nature shows us that there is still a lot of room for improvement,” says Prof. Daniela Rus, director of MIT CSAIL. “Therefore, our goal was to massively reduce complexity and develop a new kind neural network architecture.” Liquid Time-Constant Networks t.co/xV3mdOCNaY t.co/qAGRpcFRCn
@Eun_Chang_Choi MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab announced New deep learning models require fewer neurons called "Liquid Time-constant Networks" t.co/eV528FoZd4

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