[1812.01484] Privacy-Preserving Distributed Deep Learning for Clinical Dataopen searchopen navigation menucontact arXivsubscribe to arXiv mailings

Deep learning with medical data often requires larger samples sizes than are available at single providers. While data sharing among institutions is desirable to train more accurate and sophisticated models, it can lead to severe privacy concerns due the sensitive nature of the data. This problem has motivated a number of studies on distributed training of neural networks that do not require direct sharing of the training data. However, simple distributed training does not offer provable privacy guarantees to satisfy technical safe standards and may reveal information about the underlying patients. We present a method to train neural networks for clinical data in a distributed fashion under differential privacy. We demonstrate these methods on two datasets that include information from multiple independent sites, the eICU collaborative Research Database and The Cancer Genome Atlas.

Keywords: deep learning
Date: 2020/10/15 05:22

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