[2010.02194] Self-training Improves Pre-training for Natural Language Understandingopen searchopen navigation menucontact arXivsubscribe to arXiv mailings

Unsupervised pre-training has led to much recent progress in natural language understanding. In this paper, we study self-training as another way to leverage unlabeled data through semi-supervised learning. To obtain additional data for a specific task, we introduce SentAugment, a data augmentation method which computes task-specific query embeddings from labeled data to retrieve sentences from a bank of billions of unlabeled sentences crawled from the web. Unlike previous semi-supervised methods, our approach does not require in-domain unlabeled data and is therefore more generally applicable. Experiments show that self-training is complementary to strong RoBERTa baselines on a variety of tasks. Our augmentation approach leads to scalable and effective self-training with improvements of up to 2.6% on standard text classification benchmarks. Finally, we also show strong gains on knowledge-distillation and few-shot learning.

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Date: 2020/10/15 15:52

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@alex_conneau Happy to share our latest paper: "Self-training Improves Pretraining for Natural Language Understanding" We show that self-training is complementary to strong unsupervised pretraining (RoBERTa) on a variety of tasks. Paper: t.co/Fi1N9UKao7 Code: t.co/SsPSENYw5L t.co/n4IUsYfVGF

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