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This paper addresses representational block named Hierarchical-Split Block, which can be taken as a plug-and-play block to upgrade existing convolutional neural networks, improves model performance significantly in a network. Hierarchical-Split Block contains many hierarchical split and concatenate connections within one single residual block. We find multi-scale features is of great importance for numerous vision tasks. Moreover, Hierarchical-Split block is very flexible and efficient, which provides a large space of potential network architectures for different applications. In this work, we present a common backbone based on Hierarchical-Split block for tasks: image classification, object detection, instance segmentation and semantic image segmentation/parsing. Our approach shows significant improvements over all these core tasks in comparison with the baseline. As shown in Figure1, for image classification, our 50-layers network(HS-ResNet50) achieves 81.28% top-1 accuracy with comp

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Date: 2020/10/16 03:51

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