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Mapping a quantum algorithm to any practical large-scale quantum computer will require a sequence of compilations and optimizations. At the level of fault-tolerant encoding, one likely requirement of this process is the translation into a topological circuit, for which braided circuits represent one candidate model. Given the large overhead associated with encoded circuits, it is paramount to reduce their size in terms of computation time and qubit number through circuit compression. While these optimizations have typically been performed in the language of $3$-dimensional diagrams, such a representation does not allow an efficient, general and scalable approach to reduction or verification. We propose the use of the ZX-calculus as an intermediate language for braided circuit compression, demonstrating advantage by comparing results using this approach with those previously obtained for the compression of $| A\rangle$ and $| Y\rangle$ state distillation circuits. We then provide a roug

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Date: 2020/10/17 03:51

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@snuffkin 日本でもZX-calculusに関連する研究をしている人たちがいるんですね。(今はじめて知った😅) Efficient compression of quantum braided circuits t.co/cCJ9A5pRXp

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