Google Coral Dev Board mini SBC is now available for $100

Google Coral Dev Board mini SBC is now available for $100

Buy Coral Dev Board Mini for $99.99. The SBC combines MediaTek MT8167S CPU with Google Egde TPU for Tensorflow Lite or AutoML AI inference

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Date: 2020/10/17 03:53

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@cnxsoft .@GoogleAI 's cheaper AI #SBC with Edge TPU and @MediaTek MT8167S platform with Cortex-A35 CPU, WiFI 5 & Bluetooth 5.0 chip and PMIC is now up for pre-order for $99.99. #artificialintelligence #debian #linux #TensorFlow #machinelearning #IoT #AIoT
@schestowitz #Google Coral Dev Board mini #SBC is now available for $100 ☞ "The board runs #Debian based Mendel #Linux distribution" | #cnx-software

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