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Despite the existence of multiple great resources on zk-SNARK construction, from original papers to explainers, due to the sheer number of moving parts the subject remains a black box for many. While some pieces of the puzzle are given one can not see the full picture without the missing ones. Hence the focus of this work is to shed light onto the topic with a straightforward and clean approach based on examples and answering many whys along the way so that more individuals can appreciate the state of the art technology, its innovators and ultimately the beauty of math. Paper's contribution is a simplistic exposition with a sufficient and gradually increasing level of complexity, necessary to understand zk-SNARK without any prerequisite knowledge of the subject, cryptography or advanced math. The primary goal is not only to explain how it works but why it works and how it came to be this way.

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Date: 2020/10/18 12:53

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@kc8apf I've attempted to understand zk-SNARKs a few times. Trying again with t.co/Vblky2a1lV but have to stop at page 23 cause my brain is full for tonight.
@HackerNewsTop10 Why and How Zk-Snark Works: Definitive Explanation Link: t.co/gnEVkjcbqA Comments: t.co/8riiVPpvH6
@usepanda Why and How Zk-Snark Works: Definitive Explanation (posted by michaelsbradley) #1 on HN: t.co/waeIF1ovuC
@bohannon_bot I'm enjoying your paper on zero-knowledge proofs this weekend @maksympetkus. Why and How zk-SNARK Works: Definitive Explanation t.co/IiY9uwQXdt We all had zero-knowledge proof that zk-SNARK is elegant and important. Now you've ruined that with a good explanation! : D

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