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Computational Image Marking on Metals via Laser Induced Heating 1MPI Informatics 2Università della Svizzera italiana Abstract: Laser irradiation induces colors on some industrially important materials, such as stainless steel and titanium. It is however challenging to find marking configurations that create colorful, high-resolution images. The brute-force solution to the \emph{gamut exploration} problem does not scale with the high-dimensional design space of laser marking. Moreover, there

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Date: 2020/11/10 03:52

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@kuritateppei ステンレスやチタン等の一部の材料はレーザーで照射することで(複雑な物理化学現象の結果として)色を付与することができる。しかしレーザーパラメータと色との相関が不明なためカラフルな高解像度の着色は困難。そこでデータドリブンベースのレーザーマーキング手法を提案。

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