[2011.08390] Direct growth of germanene at interfaces between van der Waals materials and Ag(111)open searchopen navigation menucontact arXivsubscribe to arXiv mailings

Germanene, a two-dimensional honeycomb germanium crystal, is grown at graphene/Ag(111) and hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)/Ag(111) interfaces by segregating germanium atoms. A simple annealing process in N2 or H2/Ar at ambient pressure leads to the formation of germanene, indicating that an ultrahigh-vacuum condition is not necessary. The grown germanene is stable in air and uniform over the entire area covered with a van der Waals (vdW) material. As an important finding, it is necessary to use a vdW material as a cap layer for the present germanene growth method since the use of an Al2O3 cap layer resulted in no germanene formation. The present study also proved that Raman spectroscopy in air is a powerful tool for characterizing germanene at the interfaces, which is concluded by multiple analyses including first-principles density functional theory calculations. The direct growth of h-BN-capped germanene on Ag(111), which is demonstrated in the present study, is considered to be a pro

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Date: 2020/11/18 08:21

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