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We investigate the potential of attention-based neural machine translation in simultaneous translation. We introduce a novel decoding algorithm, called simultaneous greedy decoding, that allows an existing neural machine translation model to begin translating before a full source sentence is received. This approach is unique from previous works on simultaneous translation in that segmentation and translation are done jointly to maximize the translation quality and that translating each segment is strongly conditioned on all the previous segments. This paper presents a first step toward building a full simultaneous translation system based on neural machine translation.

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Date: 2020/11/20 21:51

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@kchonyc [Cho & Esipova, 2016] from the tutorial was rejected from the same conference in 2016 (and i never re-submitted it to anywhere else). not bitter, but this was one of the most fun projects i’ve done so far, because it was really just out of blue (for me). t.co/PVw8dZG8ST

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