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In this work we present a novel approach for single depth map super-resolution. Modern consumer depth sensors, especially Time-of-Flight sensors, produce dense depth measurements, but are affected by noise and have a low lateral resolution. We propose a method that combines the benefits of recent advances in machine learning based single image super-resolution, i.e. deep convolutional networks, with a variational method to recover accurate high-resolution depth maps. In particular, we integrate a variational method that models the piecewise affine structures apparent in depth data via an anisotropic total generalized variation regularization term on top of a deep network. We call our method ATGV-Net and train it end-to-end by unrolling the optimization procedure of the variational method. To train deep networks, a large corpus of training data with accurate ground-truth is required. We demonstrate that it is feasible to train our method solely on synthetic data that we generate in larg

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Date: 2020/11/21 08:21

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