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@alxndrkalinin #PyTorch implementation and pretrained models for RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again - multi-branch topology at training - simple 3x3 convs & ReLU at inference - >80% top-1 accuracy on ImageNet - 83% faster than ResNet-50 on NVIDIA 1080Ti
@ak92501 RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again pdf: abs: github:
@s1ddok I enjoy reading papers that focus on moving hard/slow things to offline/training stage. This simple re-parameterization technique is so awesome, It would be fun to use this in StyleGAN2 given that it basically features almost the same plain-stack design
@ZFPhalanx RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again

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