[1905.11063] Dataset2Vec: Learning Dataset Meta-Features

Meta-learning, or learning to learn, is a machine learning approach that utilizes prior learning experiences to expedite the learning process on unseen tasks. As a data-driven approach, meta-learning requires meta-features that represent the primary learning tasks or datasets, and are estimated traditonally as engineered dataset statistics that require expert domain knowledge tailored for every meta-task. In this paper, first, we propose a meta-feature extractor called Dataset2Vec that combines the versatility of engineered dataset meta-features with the expressivity of meta-features learned by deep neural networks. Primary learning tasks or datasets are represented as hierarchical sets, i.e., as a set of sets, esp. as a set of predictor/target pairs, and then a DeepSet architecture is employed to regress meta-features on them. Second, we propose a novel auxiliary meta-learning task with abundant data called dataset similarity learning that aims to predict if two batches stem from the

Keywords: dataset
Date: 2021/01/12 23:21

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