We Don't Need Data Scientists, We Need Data Engineers - Mihail Eric

After analyzing 1000+ Y-Combinator Companies, I discover there's a huge market need for more engineering-focused data practitioner roles.

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Date: 2021/01/13 18:53

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@MasatoNakamura 企業の求人のうち70%ぐらいはデータサイエンスよりデータエンジニアとしての役割を必要としている。 次の世代のデータ・機械学習のプラクティショナーをトレーニングするように、エンジニアリングスキルも教えるべき、という記事。もうね、同意しかないです。 t.co/haWxBMFjJX
@kchoudhu I've met vanishingly few people who can coherently handle the engineering that goes into handling large amounts of data (to be honest I'm pretty fuzzy on it myself, but I do usually get it right...after getting it wrong a few times). t.co/S9lWHZ6CUy
@matt_howlett pretty much why @confluentinc is doing so well - we're doing an unsexy bit that everyone needs. t.co/elnMk2xzHF
@tayloramurphy don't even read the article, just like the tweet t.co/p2No23qDJP t.co/gxuhZbYHBX
@Carnage4Life Our industry talks a lot about data scientists who analyze & query data sets but in my experience there’s a bigger need for data engineers who build the data pipelines & clean the data before analysis. Many companies dont even realize it’s a distinct role t.co/Q6BPnPY6uz t.co/ULnIJbq6Sj
@tecoholic I can totally get behind this sentiment. It's pretty much in line with my conclusions after I attempted a course on Data Science and decided to drop because most things were in line for automation on the "science" realm. t.co/lP7xorzs5r
@mokshaic @pacmannai good read u shud read it t.co/9Kh3AZ6xLS
@RobertHoeijmak1 Data scientist, data engineer, machine learning engineer, machine learning scientist. The difference and the need for these roles explained. @mihail_eric t.co/OKGZzHBKYI #DataScience #engineer #scientist
@Samuel0X_ We Need More Data Engineers, Not Data Scientists! I've recently been doing research on the state of the data science/ML hiring market, trying to answer the question of how in-demand different roles really are. Read more 👉🏾t.co/YqRqCktCGT #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #data t.co/zucjsnzsRy

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