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FairFace: Face Attribute Dataset for Balanced Race, Gender, and Age for Bias Measurement and Mitigation Abstract Existing public face image datasets are strongly biased toward Caucasian faces, and other races (e.g., Latino) are significantly underrepresented. The models trained from such datasets suffer from inconsistent classification accuracy, which limits the applicability of face analytic systems to non-White race groups. To mitigate the race bias problem in these datasets, we constructed

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Date: 2021/01/13 23:21

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@kuritateppei 既存の公開顔データセットは白人等の肌が薄い顔に強く偏っている。そこで人種(&年齢・性別)のバランスが取れた新しい顔データセットを生成。YFCC100M Flickrから収集した約10万枚の顔画像を含む。このデータで学習したNNモデルは人種間でバランスの良い精度を示す。 t.co/NxHFFwlB78 t.co/zwXu1aV4o9

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