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@thos_jones Speaking of trillion parameter language models... This article is 🔥🔥🔥
@marksaroufim @jabuppartyon @hardmaru Pick anything from the Second half of this
@julien_c Thanks for the kind words about @huggingface in, @marksaroufim This is humbling and motivating and we are more excited than ever by the goal of helping/working with the community to advance AI in the open
@rishabh16_ Super lit essay by @marksaroufim on where the NLP research community is (not) headed :O Hilariously written but speaks pure facts!!! Here's a little excerpt I chuckled at:
@EcsuOist “Here are the projects that I believe represent a glimmer of hope against the Stagnation of Machine Learning“
@ClementDelangue #1 on hackernews right now >
@buirachel A good post from @marksaroufim about the idiosyncrasies of the AI community as it scale.

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