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@johnmyleswhite Now that it's archived, it really seems a shame that the great work that went into Swift for Tensorflow didn't go into Julia instead:
@yutakashino “Swift for TensorFlow was an experiment in the next-generation platform for machine learning, ... It was archived in February 2021.” Swift for TF,とうとう開発止まりましたね….クリス・ラトナーがSiFiveに転職したので,多分ダメだと思ってましたがやっぱり…
@_kebo Swift for TensorFlow がアーカイブされてた。終了しちゃうのか...
@algo_luca Tensorflow for Swift was an interesting experiment - sad to see it going in maintainance mode (see ) Although I was never persuaded it was going to take off.
@killedbygoogle Swift for Tensorflow is shutting down. Commit msg: "Updating for Archiving of S4TF 1b1381c"
@tolmasky Who could have guessed that enter a field of Python fans with a strict lang, in a company with no experts in that lang, where step 1 was to fork the language, wouldn’t work out? At least Google gets to move on, Apple doesn’t have that luxury with Swift.
@sandeepssrin Swift for Tensorflow has shut down. Which was Google's initiative to build a prog language around machine learning by the best language designers of all time Jeez I'm so glad I didn't renew my python bet with @ravi_mohan JAX & Numpy are here to stay
@PofatTseng Tensorflow for Swift 關門惹 果然 Google style

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