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Date: 2021/02/20 02:21

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@mikekelly85 There are zero technological reasons Bitcoin can’t be stopped. I got tired of clueless people making this false claim, so I proved it and challenged Bitcoin community to fix it. Number of proposed fixes to Bitcoin protocol so far: zero. See:
@john_lam A relevant link on HN today: The comments are also quite interesting as well, particularly this top comment. Thanks to discussion below, I now understand more nouns in this comment 😂
@neurobashing apparently there is no defense to this. you can, with sufficient effort, destroy bitcoin entirely.
@jordhy Hypothetically, #Bitcoin could be destroyed via a DOS attack sponsored by a nation-state that invests over $1T in mining power. See the research here
@mikekelly85 Bitcoin can be stopped by jamming up the network so nobody can transact. This vulnerability isn't theoretical. I built a simulation of the Bitcoin network to prove it. I'm now inviting people to join the wargame and propose how Bitcoin might defend itself:
@betterhn20 BTC Endgame (

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