[2002.05829] HULK: An Energy Efficiency Benchmark Platform for Responsible Natural Language Processing

Computation-intensive pretrained models have been taking the lead of many natural language processing benchmarks such as GLUE. However, energy efficiency in the process of model training and inference becomes a critical bottleneck. We introduce HULK, a multi-task energy efficiency benchmarking platform for responsible natural language processing. With HULK, we compare pretrained models' energy efficiency from the perspectives of time and cost. Baseline benchmarking results are provided for further analysis. The fine-tuning efficiency of different pretrained models can differ a lot among different tasks and fewer parameter number does not necessarily imply better efficiency. We analyzed such phenomenon and demonstrate the method of comparing the multi-task efficiency of pretrained models. Our platform is available at https://sites.engineering.ucsb.edu/~xiyou/hulk/.

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Date: 2021/02/20 21:51

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@WilliamWangNLP Congratulations to Xiyou Zhou and colleagues on the acceptance of Hulk benchmark to #EACL2021 demo! HULK: An Energy Efficiency Benchmark Platform for Responsible Natural Language Processing t.co/hr1cmRbUqq #NLProc t.co/bfsEvCe5UI

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