Powerful Exploratory Data Analysis in just two lines of code - KDnuggets

Powerful Exploratory Data Analysis in just two lines of code - KDnuggets

EDA is a fundamental early process for any Data Science investigation. Typical approaches for visualization and exploration are powerful, but can be cumbersome for getting to the heart of your data. Now, you can get to know your data much faster with only a few lines of code... and it…

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Date: 2021/02/22 18:52

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@kdnuggets Wait a minute. Exploratory data analysis can be fun?! t.co/hXt2fRLzU4 t.co/vR4M254N4h
@johnkthompson60 Do not discount the need to start any and all analytics projects with a comprehensive Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) phase. Often end users and subject matter experts learn a great deal of "new" ground truths from seeing the re…t.co/6ccSTsKaKS t.co/Yw8yZLBNrF

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