Branch Specialization

When a neural network layer is divided into multiple branches, neurons self-organize into coherent groupings.

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Date: 2021/04/06 16:49

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@csvoss Do neural networks have any emergent structures that are larger-scale than circuits? In our new Circuits article, we investigate the tendency of neural network branches to *specialize* – sorting closely-related features together across distinct branches.
@patrickmineault Different branches of CNNs specialize for different features; the latest deep dive into CNN receptive fields on distill
@F5WebStudio This article describes branch specialization, one of three larger “structural phenomena” we’ve been able observe in neural networks.
@AKatossky There seems to be evidence of "natural" structures forming in artificial neural networks, that people diversely call "branches" or "modules" : highly connected units very loosely connected to the rest of the network, and specialised into specific tasks:
@StartupYou Anatomy of neural networks
@distillpub Branch Specialization — A new Distill article by @csvoss, @gabeeegoooh, @nickcammarata, @mpetrov, @ludwigschubert, and @ch402. This is the eighth article in the Circuits thread.

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