FixMyPose is a new captioning dataset for learning how to write pose correctional descriptions and target pose identification.Agents are given two tasks, Pose Correctional Captioning and Target Pose Retrieval. In the Pose Correctional Captioning task, agents should writecorrectional descriptions on how a person shown in the current image can move to reach the pose of the person shown in the target image.During the Target Pose Retrieval task, agents are given the current image and a natural langu

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Date: 2021/04/09 03:17

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@mohitban47 🕺💃 Let's Dance (in English & Hindi)! A new multimodal+multilingual task *FixMyPose/फिक्समाइपोज़* on 3D spatial/posture-reasoning diff-captioning & retrieval (+allows sim-to-real transfer), w/ diverse environments, characters, moves, linguistic phenomena:
@khsquared Happy to share “FixMyPose/फिक्समाइपोज़: Pose Correctional Captioning and Retrieval” (#AAAI2021), a 3D spatial/posture-reasoning based diff-captioning & retrieval task (Eng+Hindi) Full website+code ready now: w/ @AbhayZala7 GrahamB @mohitban47 @uncnlp 1/5

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