[2104.04631] DexYCB: A Benchmark for Capturing Hand Grasping of Objects

We introduce DexYCB, a new dataset for capturing hand grasping of objects. We first compare DexYCB with a related one through cross-dataset evaluation. We then present a thorough benchmark of state-of-the-art approaches on three relevant tasks: 2D object and keypoint detection, 6D object pose estimation, and 3D hand pose estimation. Finally, we evaluate a new robotics-relevant task: generating safe robot grasps in human-to-robot object handover. Dataset and code are available at https://dex-ycb.github.io.

3 mentions: @ak92501@ankurhandos@wei_yang_cv
Date: 2021/04/14 21:30

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@ankurhandos t.co/FJiDuMYTEI it uses the same studio we used for dexpilot but has more cameras. t.co/XV7aaGSGnz
@wei_yang_cv The dataset and the code are available at t.co/JQaVbv8xOP. Check out the details from our #CVPR2021 paper: t.co/KwKw4JOTfw t.co/HjJoTQhItg

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