Overview Modern machine learning models are often highly overparameterized. The prime examples of late are neural network architectures that can achieve state-of-the-art performance while having many more parameters than the number of training examples. Despite these developments, the

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Date: 2021/05/04 03:18

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@yasamanbb Consider submission to our ICML 2021 workshop: Overparameterization: Pitfalls & Opportunities t.co/bH1hgAq1Xj focused specifically on the role of overparameterization in machine learning. Organized by @HanieSedghi @QuanquanGu @aminkarbasi & myself. Deadline: June 21
@HanieSedghi We are excited to invite you to our #ICML2021 workshop: Overparametrization: Pitfalls & Opportunities t.co/oxORoZrMFj We have a great lineup of invited speakers & look forward to your submissions. Submission Deadline: June1st w/ @yasamanbb @aminkarbasi @QuanquanGu t.co/hYecZgdUxY

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