On Statistical Bias In Active Learning: How and When to Fix It | OpenReview

On Statistical Bias In Active Learning: How and When to Fix It | OpenReview

Active learning is a powerful tool when labelling data is expensive, but it introduces a bias because the training data no longer follows the population distribution. We formalize this bias and...

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Date: 2021/05/04 04:48

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@ottamm_190 プールベース能動学習における統計的バイアスを取り除くため、不偏推定量を二つ提案。逐次的に情報量の多いデータにラベル付けすると、訓練データが母集団分布から抽出されたものと乖離。このサンプリングバイアスに言及した論文は少ない。線形回帰の例が分かりやすい。 t.co/Cf1tN7v8q7 t.co/vQvBPfocrV
@seb_far Did you know active learning introduces bias? In #ICLR2021 spotlight we show how to fix this and also when not to! With @yaringal @tom_rainforth Poster 9amPST/5pmUK today. t.co/gWQhTZ4Kar Watch live in Oral Session 2 with Q&A: 2045 UK. Paper: t.co/bqipB2lB7a
@tom_rainforth I'm looking forward to presenting 4 papers at @iclr_conf this week with my coauthors: - On Statistical Bias in Active Learning: How and When to Fix It t.co/zx9m9jo4KK Poster Mon 5pm BST, Talk 8.45pm BST with @seb_far @yaringal t.co/PDJTEQljgj

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