MLB Player Digital Engagement Forecasting | Kaggle

Predict fan engagement with baseball player digital content

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Date: 2021/06/10 16:47

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@MeganRisdal New @kaggle competition! Predict how fans engage with MLB players’ digital content on a daily basis for a future date range ⚾📊
@tkm2261 Kaggle新コンペ MLBの選手のデジタルコンテンツにファンがどの様に接触するかを予測する時系列コンペ
@Oregin2 #kaggle でも、野球コンペが始まりました! 現在、#Probespace の野球コンペに挑戦中ですが、終わったら参戦してみたいです。
@yurucamp_i 初日だけ1位ゲーム楽しんでる🙌 First. #kaggle -
@kaggle 🚀 New competition launch! Hosted by @googlecloud & @MLB – predict fan engagement with baseball player digital content
@benhamner New @kaggle competition! @MLB player digital engagement forecasting. Predict fan engagement with baseball player online content
@notthateric Exciting intersection of #DataScience + #sportsball #MLB + #Fandom + #DataAnalytics + @kaggle. Nice work @AlokPattani et al Google data nerds stitching this puzzle together... Now let's see who can "crack the code"... Do botched rundowns matter? :-)

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