Why democracy needs an algorithm with Max Tegmark : CogX

Why democracy needs an algorithm with Max Tegmark : CogX

Prior Session Next Session Cutting Edge 5:00 pm - 5:40 pm 15th June 2021 Timezone: BST (Europe/London) Why democracy needs an algorithm with Max Tegmark How can we steer ever-more powerful AI towards positive outcomes? Max Tegmark details how we can use machine learning to detect bias in the media and how we could wield this power to strengthen our democracy. Max Tegmark Professor MIT Moderator Beth Singler Junior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence Homerton College Get Your Pass

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Date: 2021/06/15 13:48

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@tegmark Welcome to my talk at noon ET today about auto-detecting news bias with machine learning! t.co/XG9lbG4V0o

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