Ultra-thin film could one day turn regular glasses into night vision goggles, researchers say | Science | The Guardian

Ultra-thin film could one day turn regular glasses into night vision goggles, researchers say | Science | The Guardian

Developed by Australian and European researchers, the film works by converting infrared light into light visible to the human eye

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Date: 2021/06/15 17:30

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@Kyukimasa 現在の暗視装置のようなカメラシステムではなく、メガネみたいなので赤外線が見れるようになるかもしれない t.co/WAl5wSqixW 光を透過する際にアップコンバージョンする半導体極薄メタサーフェスの研究紹介
@ANUmedia “We’ve made the invisible, visible.”🤯 #ANUExperts & international colleagues have developed a new ultra-thin tech that turns infrared light into clear images. They say it will revolutionise night vision & could one day even be used on reading glasses!🕶️ t.co/l9qhlzxKms
@adamlmorton A transparent metallic film allowing a viewer to see in the dark could one day turn regular spectacles into night vision googles - @donnadlu t.co/NdAzXusDcv
@MetaOptics Thank you to @guardian for this write up of our latest research. Developing night vision capabilities that are film-thin, light and cheaper to produce than standard night vision technologies will have direct benefits across many industries. t.co/DU8Fih0qAG t.co/JdFIBR7UI6
@itsDenkimon I love reading stuff like this t.co/e7pVl9waIc
@SpazianiG the researchers believe it could eventually be turned into a cheap and lightweight replacement for bulky night-vision goggles, which are used in military, police and security settings. t.co/RHCYI3xYTr
@MarkkuPatynen Sounds good - but will they come in my lifetime? Would be nice to use them... #nightvision t.co/CSfgCM3dms

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