The Klimt Color Enigma — Google Arts & Culture

The Klimt Color Enigma — Google Arts & Culture

Colorizing Klimt’s Vanished Paintings with Artificial Intelligence and Klimt Experts

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Date: 2021/10/15 10:37

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@EmilWallner The Klimt Color Enigma Main article: The Faculty Paintings: Quick overview: Virtual gallery: Klimt exhibition: Video:
@EmilWallner @edkesuma @googlearts @belvederemuseum The model has a similar structure to DeOldify and 'Real-time user-guided image colorization with learned deep priors'. It’s progressively trained with a custom feature loss from a pre-trained GAN critic. More details below:
@Maxwell_110 クリムトの三つの失われた傑作を再現 🎨 Google Arts & Culture Lab がモノクロ写真のクリムトの傑作をカラーリング DeOldify(アーキテクチャを採用しており,90,000点以上の作品で事前学習した後に,80点程のクリムト作品でカラーリングを学習
@rodydaddy Google Arts&Curtureというアプリで全文を読むことができる。 AIの技術的側面にも触れられており学習は完全自動というわけではなく人間によるサポートはあったようだ。 実物と照らし合わせる事はできないがクリムトの創造性を感じられる素晴らしい再現だと思う。
@benfinoradin In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm… “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”
@NieA7_3170 和洋問わす美術にハマりかけているのでこういうの面白そう
@marianopolib While the originals can never be replaced, machine learning has managed to create an estimated color reproduction of three of Gustav Klimt's lost works.
@VinesaB Fascinating article about how AI was used to deploy color to photographic images to restore 4 famous Gustave Klimt paintings the Nazi's destroyed when they set fire to the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.

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