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@DataScienceNIG Here comes an exciting times with @TensorFlow library for learning to rank! TF-Ranking provides a framework to evaluate and choose different ranking models + empowering users to develop their own custom models. Paper: GitHub:
@lc0d3r Great new release by @TensorFlow TensorFlow Ranking - It's definitely very valuable to have a good framework, especially not only for point-wise ranking, but also pair and list-wise #DeepLearning #ranking -
@DynamicWebPaige 31) TF-Ranking A @TensorFlow library focused on ordering lists of items to maximize list utility. Supports pairwise or listwise loss functions, multi-item scoring, ranking metric optimization, and unbiased learning-to-rank! 👩‍💻 📊
@sjoerdapp 🤖🤖🤖 tensorflow/ranking by @tensorflow via @GitHub #ai #emergingtech #machinelearning
@ghb_hq 'ranking' by tensorflow : Learning to Rank in TensorFlow #dev #programming #tech #python
@DrAliMonam tensorflow/ranking #MachineLearning #ai #emergingtech
@PhillyTalentAI Google has released TF-Ranking library for learning-to-rank. "The objective of learning-to-rank algorithms is minimizing a loss function defined over a list of items to optimize the utility of the list ordering for any given application." #LAN2018 #toolai
@kdubovikov Learning to rank with TensorFlow: ps it requires Bazel :(
@isaac_burbank #TensorFlow now has a library for Learning-to-Rank.

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